Students learn about the world from
a Christian perspective

Friends for

Friendships built at Knox
endure for a lifetime

Rich faith

Faith is integrated into all aspects
of school life

Marvel at

Hands on learning combined with
a Christian worldview

  • Welcome to Knox Christian School!

    We invite you to find out about the unique, high quality Christian education offered here at Knox. Christian faith and learning is integrated throughout the curriculum in a dynamic way. Students are celebrated for their uniqueness, and are encouraged to develop their gifts and talents to the fullest. Small class sizes, dedicated and qualified teachers, a beautiful campus, and a wonderful support community make Knox a thriving school in Clarington community.

  • Class Websites

    Did you know our teachers communicate with parents & students through their dedicated Wikispace websites? Check out the site for your child to keep updated on what’s happening in the classroom!

  • Small Class Sizes

    Students at Knox benefit from smaller class sizes with 15-25 students in each room. This allows teachers to focus on each student and effectively address their unique needs and learning styles.

  • Christian Worldview

    Students approach every subject acknowledging God as the centre of creation. Our program is designed to complement the work of each Christian home and each Christian church.

  • Chapel Services

    School-wide chapel services are held weekly. These opportunities to connect with students and staff in praise and worship are key to an integrated life of faith and learning at Knox.

  • Dedicated Teachers

    Teachers at Knox model a life of Christian service for their students and work tirelessly to help each child achieve their full potential.

  • Strong Academics

    Our academic program meets or exceeds the Ontario curriculum, and our students consistently achieve a high academic standard during annual testing. With a comprehensive approach to learning, Knox reaches the whole child through mind, body and soul.

  • Home & School Partnership

    We are eager to work with you to ensure your child is successful at Knox. Regular communications between families, teachers, and staff is key to developing a love of learning in each student.

Latest News

  • A Very Special Visitor

    A Very Special Visitor

    Our Kindergarten students have been welcoming the warmer weather lately with an integrated unit on farms and farm animals.  In addition to classroom learning, we were excited to welcome a real baby cow to Knox on Friday April 11th! One of our students, Malachi DeVries, was able to invite his grandpa to school along with an 8 day

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  • April Media Madness

    April Media Madness

    Our monthly Media Madness features games, music, apps and other media that have been thoroughly reviewed by Christian educators and parents.  They are sure to be a hit with everyone in your family! Movies Title: Heaven is for Real Genre: Drama Rating: PG (for thematic elements) Cast: Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Thomas Haden Church Summary: When a 4-year-old boy has

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